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Treatment for Solid Wood Dining Tables


The solid wood dining tables needs several treatments to make the solid wood more durable. Solid wood has the ability to absorb and release the humidity. The humid makes the furniture vulnerable. Wood can also be thinning or cracking and the threat...

April 25, 2016 Dining Room

Strategy in Renovating the Small Kitchen

Small kitchen renovations

Small kitchen renovations become the major element in the house. This space is not only used for cooking but also the place to storage the ingredients and the cooking tools. Referring to these functions, without realizing that there are many of...

April 23, 2016 Kitchen

Best Tips To Decorate Your Small Living Room

Small Living Room Decorating Design

Decorating a small living room is actually quite easy if you know the key. The living room to a small house usually only laid out a simple fact rarely the living room was empty with no other furniture for home...

March 27, 2016 Living Room

Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms - Sole Bagno

When we talked about bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms, we have many options to consider about. There are many bathroom tiles design such as traditional, eclectic, romantic, and contemporary. The design of the tiles for the bathroom will attract...

March 20, 2016 Bathroom

5 Things to Concern about Living Room Lounge

Cozy Living Room Lounge - L Shaped Sofa

It becomes little bit difficult for some people to find the great living room lounge, especially if the size of the living room is not too broad. With the variety of size and material, you must be careful in choosing...

March 18, 2016 Living Room

Garden Patio Designs : Bring Fresh Air In Your Home


Garden patio designs are a plant that is placed in the middle or at home. The first state to use this design is the countries that speak Arabic. This occurs because the design is influenced by the desert. If...

March 13, 2016 Outdoor

Traditional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

modern kitchen remodel with stool

One of the remodeling kitchen ideas is creating the traditional nuance to the kitchen. It’s similar with the country style that is timeless. Modern people today crave the rustic feeling, cool, and understated. So, many people at this time apply the...

March 9, 2016 Kitchen

Contemporary Dining Sets: Complete Your Elegant Kitchen


Contemporary dining sets are the right choice to complement the unique kitchen design. The kitchen usually seems less clean because the kitchen is a place to cook food. When cooking, it is usually arises oil spills, fumes or other...

March 9, 2016 Furniture