Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms - Fap Seriesole 6

When we talked about bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms, we have many options to consider about. There are many bathroom tiles design such as traditional, eclectic, romantic, and contemporary. The design of the tiles for the bathroom will attract not only the home owner, but also the visitors.

There are many different styles, motives, and colors for the bathroom tiles such as tiles, porcelain, and stone. There is a positive effect by choosing the right tile. For example, you might want to make the bathroom look more natural, cool and fresh, it never hurts to try natural stone and using green basic color.

Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms - purple colored bathroom tiles

Natural stones tend to be very sensitive to the humid conditions. So, ceramic is more often used for flooring because of the durability is not in doubt. But you must not forget to consider the size of the ceramic that you will apply. Some homeowners prefer floral accents and a similar pattern to create a bathroom theme.

There are several bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms.

Purple bathroom

Bathroom with this color certainly provides the comfort zone and the different color theme. This color shows peace. In the same meaning, bathroom tiles with purple color look feminine.

Beige Bathroom

The beige bathroom uses the large flower pattern for the tile. The motifs are scattered in many sides in the bathroom. The use of this pattern in the tiles can solve the plain wall appearance, thus it is giving the special attraction.

Fap Seriesole 6

Fap Seriesole 6 is the design of stripes ceramic for the wall. It can create the broad and large effect for the small bathroom because the ceramic look wide. The color of the Fap Seriesole 6 is very natural.


The style of Voyager is using the carnation with the pink color for the wall and floor. It is perfect by adding the simple mounted lights in the mirror. The ventilation in this small bathroom will give the nice look and open give the natural light.


Ceracasa style is the amazing combination between black and white tiles for the walls and floor. It can be added with the gold mirror to make the small bathroom more spacious and luxurious.

Sole Bagno

The design of Sole Bagno is the design of the mosaic tiles. The design is combining the tile with blue sky color and the mosaic tiles. It makes the bathroom look cool and relaxing. It is good to put the modern furniture to complete the bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms.

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