Butterfly Theme Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Butterfly Theme Bedroom Ideas

What young girl wouldn’t desire a butterfly designed nursery or room or which will inspire her to question about these magnificent animals? Developing a butterfly designed bedroom could be pricey, based on what you choose to use. However, you will find many different ways to produce your personal butterfly theme bedroom on a tight budget with only a couple of simple methods.

An excellent place to begin could be hanging nylon material butterfly adornments. These butterfly adornments have grown to be extremely popular because of places like Pottery Barn.

Butterfly Theme Bedroom Image

However, you do not have to invest a great deal to obtain that catalog look. These nylon material seeing stars could be hung in the ceiling or placed on walls. They are available in variations, shapes, dimensions and color. The options are endless having a fews simple house hold products along with a hot glue gun.

Butterfly Theme Bedroom – Light Shades

Rather than investing $25 on the butterfly lamp-shade, you are able to take more compact 3″ nylon material butterfly adornments and hot glue these to an ordinary lamp-shade. Three seeing stars for $6, plain whitened lamp-shade for $4 provide a grand total of $10.

Butterfly Theme Bedroom – Curtains


Butterfly sheers are the rave nowadays, but cost typically $50 a panel. Obtain a plain sheer for $7 a panel and decorate all of them with 2″ small nylon material seeing stars at 85 cents each. This may be easily completed with a needle and thread. For the way large your curtain is, your price is about $14.42.

Butterfly Theme Bedroom – Curtain Holdbacks

Now that you’ve got your beautiful (but a smaller amount costly) curtains, you might want something to secure your curtains back. Holdbacks may cost around $35 for some 2.

Why spend a lot when you are able have something much more beautiful at a small fraction of the price? Buy some fabric ribbon for $4 a roll. Take about two ft of ribbon and glue a 5″ nylon material butterfly at $4.95 towards the center and tie them around your curtains to drag it well. Your cost? $13.95 per pair plus extra fabric that to brighten.

Other ideas will be to use seeing stars as accents on mirrors, growth charts, and mirrors. 2 to 3 inch seeing stars are ideal for these. The options are endless.

Butterfly Theme Bedroom Wallpaper

Butterfly Theme Bedroom Wallpaper

After you have hung all of your seeing stars, why don’t you produce a full butterfly garden with flowers, dragonflies, bumblebees and ladybugs?

Enable your imagination dominate and encourage your son or daughter to question!

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