Tips To Decorate Your Small Living Room

decorating ideas for a small living room

Decorating a small living room is actually quite easy if you know the key. The living room to a small house usually only laid out a simple fact rarely the living room was empty with no other furniture for home owners fear that if the living room seem cramped. whereas the furniture set appropriately will not make the living room look cramped. a comfortable living room will make guests also feel comfortable visiting your home.

decorating small living room

Color Combinations

if you have a small living room, you should not be afraid to experiment with color. We all know if the room is cramped should use white color to make it look spacious. It is not wrong. But the use of white color sometimes makes homeowners feel bored. White color can be combined with other colors such as black, navy blue, pink, beige, and many more. choose a table with a combination of white and blue color that is not boring dna interesting to see. Choose a sofa with accent pillows or a line of black and white polka dot cute.

how to decorate a small living room

Wall Decoration

Homeowners are usually too afraid to attach a photo or painting on a small living room. Most small living room is in need of decoration on the wall because it is usually a small decoration on the table cannot be displayed because the room was too cramped. Choose photographs that are unique and abstract to distract guests from the room seem cramped. You can also put a mirror to reflect the room and make your living room look more spacious. This mirrors trick has been used by many people to inflict impression of the room.

cozy living room decor design


Choose curtains that are simple and not too heavy for the living room. Choose curtains with little detail and brightly colored so that the living room is not getting narrower. bright colored curtains will make light of the sun can enter the maximum and make the air in the living room is not stuffy.

small living room improvement ideas


Choose a long sofa stuck along the wall so that the rest of the room is spacious. White couch with fluffy gray carpet will be a perfect blend. Choose a table with a matching color to the sofa or the unique wooden table.


The lights in the living room can vary, but you can just use a white light. Corner of the chandelier or lamp can be adjusted with the overall arrangement of the furniture in your living room. try there is a large glass or large windows are the same size as the living room wall so that the lighting of the sun can enter and save energy when the mornings. Giving glass also make the living room more spacious. Those are some tips on decorating a small living room.

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