Strategy in Renovating the Small Kitchen

Small kitchen renovations with storage

Small kitchen renovations become the major element in the house. This space is not only used for cooking but also the place to storage the ingredients and the cooking tools. Referring to these functions, without realizing that there are many of the furnishings are stored in the kitchen led to the room seems cramped.

Small kitchen renovations

The room seems cramped based on the size. There are some easy steps to anticipate the narrow kitchen space. If the kitchen and much of the furniture is hanging anywhere, you just need to create a storage closet or cabinet vertically on the wall rather than shelves that are usually placed on top of floor coverings.

The wall area can also be maximized install rack put a glass or cup. After tiding the shelf in the kitchen wall, do not forget to add a link at the bottom. The function is not just hanging a cup or a glass but other cooking utensils such as pots and pans.


Storage Cabinet

When you want to add a cabinet or storage closet, consider putting it vertically. Take the advantage of your wall. This is the one of the easiest way for small kitchen renovations. In addition to the cabinet, you can put a shelf on the wall of the kitchen to put a glass or cup.


Installing the hanging lamp or chandelier is the good idea. More lights can give the impression of broad and large space. The lights of the lamps also impress the personal touch.


If it is not possible to change the kitchen wall painting, you can play color for the accessories or kitchen utensils such as the colorful pan, colorful knife and other equipment. But you must balance the color with the wall painting.

simple kitchen renovation ideas

Kitchen Table

If the room is narrow kitchen, it does not mean you have to eliminate the counter. This thing is still required when you want to cut or slice the food ingredients. The strategy to make it is not cramped room is making sure that the only objects you used are often laid out on the kitchen table.

Wall Panels

You can redesign the panel which is used to protect the wall behind the stove or sink dishwasher or backsplash. To make it attractive and not boring, select the tiles with interesting pictures.

Hanging Rack

Hanging rack is very useful to hang the utensils such as cups, pots, and pans.


Place the mirror across the kitchen. This is the effective way to make in small kitchen renovations.

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