Treatment for Solid Wood Dining Tables

audrey-cherry-solid-top-dining-tableThe solid wood dining tables needs several treatments to make the solid wood more durable. Solid wood has the ability to absorb and release the humidity. The humid makes the furniture vulnerable. Wood can also be thinning or cracking and the threat of termites.

Furniture made by solid wood should be protected from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, dust and moisture. The excessive humidity in the room and the drought can damage the wood. The exposure to direct sunlight can change the color of your furniture.

Direct sunlight can make a faded, bleached and patches that look certainly give the effect of stains and paints in the surface. Basically, the wooden dining table is one of the wood products that have aesthetics function. The function and the quality of the wooden dining table are undoubtedly.

solid wood dining tableTypically, the wood dining table is purchased a package with the chair. One of the most interesting things is a wooden dining table adorned with carvings and shiny brown color. This makes more elegant for the dining chairs that are also filled with carvings. Generally, the wooden dining table is covered with glass.

It makes the table looks more beautiful. Indeed, the glass dining table is more beautiful than the wood dining table. But in terms of security, the glass material is more risky. It is also important to choose the wood dining table that is suitable for the space of the dining room. There are several tips to make treatment especially for solid wood dining tables.

contemporary-solid wood dining-table

Place properly

Do not place the wooden dining table in direct sunlight. Make sure that the furniture is not placed in the place that contacted through the sun lights. The sun lights will make the color of the dining table faded.


It will be ideal to control the humidity of the room. It can be controlled by the setting of the air conditioning. The ideal temperature can make the wood pores absorb the particles of the solid wood.

Use coasters media

Use coasters media or high-quality container to protect the dining table from spilling, stains and damage from hot dishes when placing either glasses or plates.

Spilling water

If there is spilling water in the wood dining table, you just need to clean the table with cloth, soft cotton, or paper towel. If your home has a dining table with a layer of wood, then you should clean the wooden dining table with wood cleaner or conditioner wipe with a clean cloth. Just clean the wooden dining table once a month to keep the dining table still shiny.

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