Cheap Home Decor-Make Use of Unused Stuffs

Cheap Home Decor-Affordable-Owl-Holiday-Decor-Gift-Ideas

Cheap home décor is not impossible to be done to beautify your house. The home décor is must always be expensive; we can get it in very affordable price by making use of things around us. Without being a two-bit home décor, it indeed will improve the interior of your house.

Cheap Home Decor-Used Boot Flower Pot

Cheap Home Decor – Flowers in Boots

Bring in plants inside the house will always a great choice to add the color in the overall room’s interior. This cheap home décor makes use of boots, or any other shoes, to replace the pot. The flowers or plant itself must not always be a fresh one, you can use plastics which have similar look to the fresh plant—since you need soil to plant a fresh flowers.

Cheap Home Decor-CraftsPlates Wall-Hanging Plate

Affordable Home Decor – Plate Wall

The wall is usually furnished by pictures of family photograph, yet looking for something new and different you can use your plate to decorate it. Many people buying plates because it has a nice color and painting on it. Because they are too beautiful to be used, it ended up in the storage.

Let’s do something with them. Behind your plates, you can make a small yet long hook—in some store, you may find some plates are sold with the hook already. Them, you can arrange it on the wall by hang the plates on the nail. The pattern of the plates is better to be random to give more chic look.

Mitten on the Wall

Having too much unused mitten which lost its ‘couple’? Let’s play with it by using empty canvas, paint, and of course mitten. Color your canvas with a blocking color when the mitten has pattern, but use stripes or patterned painting if the mitten is in a plain color. After the canvas is dry, glue the mitten in the middle of the canvas. It will be good if you have some canvases with a mitten on each, so you can arrange this cheap home décor.

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