Home Theatre Décor: Make It Feels Like the Real Theatre

Custom Home Theater Palm BeachHaving your own home theatre is one luck when you can apply the right home theatre décor. Although it is inside the hose, why don’t you bring the atmosphere of the real cinema but with the home comfort in it. No matter how limited the space that you have for the home theatre, at least you give it a touch of décor so you can be more enjoying the time you spent there.

Artistic Home Theatre Décor

Home Theatre Decor – Furniture Set

Home theatre without cozy sofa will never be the real theatre. Decorate your cozy sofa with whatever color you like—you may bring the red color like the public’s theatre too. You may add some chic cushion’s pattern to brighten up the overall color of the sofa. Going to coffee or side table, you can bring the theatre them in it. There are some store that offer a glassed-top table with the ornament of old roll film as the frame and support of the table.

Cozy Home Theatre DécorLightings

You must have considered the main lighting on the ceiling to suit the need when you are watching movies. This home theatre décor suggests you to also consider the floor lighting along the entrance or around interior wall the theatre. This lighting is installed on the bottom side of each wall formed a line – in the theatre it function to lighten up the path. To be more attractive, you can install the shining exit lamp just next to the door.

Cozy Home Theatre Décor Ideas

Wall Decorating


One said that theatre is not complete when you do not place the poster in it. You can either buy it at the store, in which it has been framed and ready to hang, or you take the picture on the Internet and have it printed in a big size and put a frame by yourself. The vintage poster is more favorable by most people than the todays’ movie poster.

Wall Ornament

Small wall ornament signed ‘theatre’ or a roll film’s shape can be an interesting Home theatre décor to be placed on the wall.

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