Inexpensive Home Décor for Your Wall

Inexpensive Home Décor-cheap-fall-decor

Inexpensive home décor is not a tale. In making the effort to decorate your house, you do not need to always pack yourself with a great amount of money. Save that budget to buy something else more important. Indeed home décor is important, but it shouldn’t have to be pricey.

Inexpensive Home Décor-Butterfly Pattern-Wall DecoratingPaintjob Effect

There are a lot of potential you can made by some piles of paint in your hand. In case if you don’t have many  wall ornament, you can just make a pattern and paint it on your wall. You can make stripe or square accent on your wall by combining some color variations.

Or perhaps you also interested in having decorative paint on your wall, but not by covering your wall with the wallpaper. The inexpensive home décor’s tools that you need is special roll painting and rubber stamp or thick cartoon with the pattern in the middle of it. The special roll painting will ease you to form a clean and neat pattern on your wall because it has some surface which is popped out.

Inexpensive Home Décor-Modern Minimalist Frame

Frame and Canvas

Another project that you can do by your own is making unique frame. There are lots of variation of home décor you can make by using cheap materials or you may even have it already.

Lace Frame

Have your small frame painted with attractive color. Then, attach the lace in the four-side of the frame to replace the painting which is usually being framed.


Knitwear Ornament

For those of you that have children, you will have a lot of unused small knitwear like mitten or baby shoes in which the pair cannot be found anymore. Do not throw it away because we can do something with it.

First, color your small canvas: give a plain color for patterned knitwear, and stripped pattern for plain-colored knitwear. After the paint is dry, glue the knitwear in the middle of the canvas, and it is ready to be hanged on the wall for inexpensive home décor.

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